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Having been through menopause myself and now on the the other side of it, i gratefully have not only clinical experience but possibly more valuable, personal experience.

The reproductive system is the first thing to be effected when under chronic stress, hence such high rates of infertility, conception, menstruation problems in society. Even if the system seems to be regular and reasonably pain free moving towards menopause its vitally important that the female is supporting he reproductive system and adrenal organs (stress organs). In short- The adrenal glands take over production of another form of oestrogen called oestradiol once menopause is reached. The health and vitality of the endocrine glands will dictate the amount of suffering and symptoms experienced at this time. The female reproductive cycle and phases is supposed to be a comfortable, regular and an easy transition experience. You don't need to suffer or turn to pharmaceuticals for support as Naturopathy is a tried and tested, safe and very effective alternative.

I've attached below a recent review related to this subject.

I first saw Mel for a back complaint many years ago. Not only did she fix my back, I experienced many other healing benefits from the myofascial work. 

So, when I hit peri-menopause and the hot flashes were making me almost deranged, I knew that the only person to call was Mel.

I had seen a documentary on the process of making HRT, the way the mares are kept to farm their urine for hormone replacement made me feel ill and I knew that when the time came, I would do it all naturally. 

Mel prescribed some natural medications along with some dietary changes and now, 3.5 months later, I no longer have any hot flashes or the dreaded night sweats. 

So many woman think that suffering for years through menopause is normal and inevitable but I"m living proof that that is not the case. 

Extremely knowledgeable and professional, you could not make a better choice for your health and well-being. 

Julie Peers May 2024.


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