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I recently rediscovered the power of this superfood! Kefir is yogurt like fermented milk made from organic cow or goat milk it offers a potent source of probiotics, protein and healthy fats.

Kefir or fermented milk provides a full spectrum of B vitamins, tryptophan (pre cursor to serotonin), bio available complete protein and a large range of probiotics and beneficial yeasts. If you suffer anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, constipation or immune system imbalances kefir can be very beneficial. Kefir contains an abundance of calcium and magnesium. Kefir has been used for centuries for gut healing and immune system restoration, kefir provides a cost effective and tasty way to repopulate damages gut flora.

Kefir helps stop food cravings due to the nutrient density your body will begin to be replenished with the nutrients it requires. The fermented milk contains alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) which is a lactic acid which slows the aging process and feeds the skin. Kefir improves the digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, relieving constipation and improving assimilation of foods.

Many recipes and much more information is available for free down load off

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