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The human body is not designed to eat 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year and for the duration of our entire lives. The human body CAN heal just about anything given half the chance, the problem being is we rarely give it a chance.

Fasting is an ancient method of healing, used for centuries in many different modalities. Modern day, it’s the buzz word and for good reason. Thankfully, we now have the scientific evidence to demonstrate the profound regenerating effects on the human body and the safety in conducting the fast. Check out- Science of Fasting on U tube.

There are several different types of fasts including water only, mono diet such as Kitchari/Broth or a cleansing clear soup and juice fasts, to name a few. Length of the fasts vary greatly depending on the individual. Medically supervised fasting clinics exist around the world (and are part of the countries medical systems) where they conduct mostly water fast for up to 40 days.

The body has 3 fuels- Glucose, is the quickest and preferred energy, then proteins and fats. The first to be burned off is glucose from your liver 8-24hr depending on the individual. For a short time, your body will then use protein for fuel. Remember the human body is extremely intelligent and will ONLY use up to 4% of the proteins in your body (over a 21-day water ONLY fast). Then the magic happens, and fat becomes the main source of energy.

Scientific studies Over 21-day water only fasts, revealed only small losses of Vitamin C, D and E, with no significant nutrient deficiencies observed. Trust your body and immune system, its number one priority is your survival, and its intelligence cannot be matched!!

My recommendation for clients new to fasting, is to skip 2-3 dinners a week. The days that you skip dinner you can have a broth, water (hot is better), or a juice. The hunger passes and distraction is the key. The next step of fasting is choosing a 24hr period to do the same, then 48hr and so on. You will get stronger and start to look and feel AMAZING, so much so I actually look forward to my fast days.

Ease into it is my advice. In your daily diet you can Include a fresh organic juice to help nourish/prime your body into a longer fast. Reduce processed/packaged foods such as breads and snacks, this will reduce the withdrawals off the carb roller coaster ride. Increase vegetables, spices, legumes and complex carbohydrates such as white basmati rice. Increase good fats- coconut oil, avocado, organic butter and Ghee.

Happy fasting 😊


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