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Stress is a major contributor to health problems including fatigue, obesity, anxiety, depression, aggression, IBS, metabolic disorders and endocrine imbalances. We are primitive, sensitive beings - We are simply not built to withstand the level of stress in today’s society. So where can the stress come from:

• Environmental- not only from external sources such as air pollution and work/family stress but our internal environment as well. There has been over 40 thousand chemicals introduced to our food chain in the last 70 years. Several Pesticides for example, damage the gut lining contributing to leaky gut, immune dysfunctions and malnutrition to name a few.

• Gut health- the most common source of stress for clients in my clinic! A damaged gut lining is a major source of stress to the body. Large particles leak through causing inflammation, irritation and an inappropriate immune response (such as hayfever). This stimulates the stress response in the body and can cause underlying chronic stress.

• Poor eating habits- eating too much too quickly and food combining. Support your HCL production by regular resting.

• Chronic illness- such as asthma, diabetes and viral infections. Long term medication use.

• Electro Magnetic Fields and Electro Magnetic Radiation- Put simply humans are electrical beings which are supposed to run at a certain frequency. Constant exposure to EMF and EMR from mobile phones, smart metres, wifi, powerlines and cordless phones forces a disruption and dramatic change to this frequency that affects every cell in the body. The long term health effects are yet to be revealed but brain tumours are rapidly becoming a number one killer.

• Work life- are you fulfilled in your daily work? Is there something you always wanted to do but felt it not good enough?

• Acute and chronic insomnia- quality sleep is essential for detoxification, repair, weight management and overall wellbeing.

• Postural stress- pelvic misalignment for example can place enormous stress on your entire body, effecting organ function and elimination ability.

• Exposure to chronic stress stimulates the adrenal glands to excrete stress hormones such a cortisol which prompts the lowering HCL, fat storage to feed in crisis, lowered cognitive function and constant thinking/worrying reducing focus and memory.

• The longer the exposure to chronic stress exists the lower your tolerance and ability to deal with daily life.

Melroes place can help you identify the sources of chronic stress and assist you in reducing the adverse affects- finding a happier healthier you!

References- Bell, S. M., & Edwards, S. W. (2015). Identification and Prioritization of Relationships between Environmental Stressors and Adverse Human Health Impacts. Environmental Health Perspectives,

Wyatt, D. A. (2014). Leaky Gut Syndrome: A Modern Epidemic with an Ancient Solution?. Townsend Letter, (371), 68-73.

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