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Several clients have asked me over the last weeks if I’ve had Covid. I respond by saying “not that I’m aware of”. As we all know we can carry it and have no symptoms. They then say, “how is that possible when your intimately exposed to so many people”, I briefly respond with “I’m a Naturopath and I do everything possible to support my natural immune system”. I feel I could expand on that for my own benefit and the benefit of others.

I take many herbs and supplements, natural ancient medicine that is potent and very effective. Antiviral herbs, to name a few, including St Johns Wort, Echinacea, liquorice, astragalus, thyme and medicinal mushroom blends . Lymphodram Plus which contains several plant extracts, in particular Quercetin which along with herbs prevents replication and binding of all envelope viruses. An envelop virus wraps itself in your cells to hide form your immune system. Ross River fever is one commonly known. SARS-CoV-2 is also an envelope virus where the RNA is wrapped in an outer layer of your cells, hiding in effect from your immune system. These viruses stay dormant in your liver and flare when your run down, stressed and therefore low immunity.

Pro biotic foods and supplements are also a MUST for everybody every day. As the gut microbiome IS your 80% of your immune system and the health of it will dictate EVERY aspect of your life including mental health. They, in a nutshell, call the shots and dictate what you eat, how you see the world, addictions, how your see yourself and others. Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, zinc, vitamin D, EPA DHA and activated B vitamins are also essential.

I burn eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender oil constantly, powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal and antivirals. I have an air purifier going whenever clients are in clinic. Most days I practice Yoga, Pilates, meditation, and walking. I also take adaptogen herbs which support the stress response. Stress is the biggest suppresser of the immune system bar none! I have regular reiki and massage treatments to reduce emotional and structural stress, as I like many others, have suffered a lot of in my time.

It’s a full-time job yes, and an investment in myself but well worth it. I’m certainly not saying I won’t contract “the virus” but my mission is to naturally support, protect and prevent infections. Naturopathy is also highly effective in supressing the activity once contracted and going into damage control for your system, supporting and boosting your defences throughout recovery.



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