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what are you worth?

I suspect these two sweethearts have it all worked out!

Consider: What are you worth? Your bank account? The car you drive? The size of your diamonds?

I read an interesting article this morning and found myself pondering this question. Here are some key points from the article together with a few personal thoughts which may get you contemplating...

Tune into your money story- Our values, self worth and thoughts on money are established at a very young age. So what are they? Do you define your self worth by how much you earn and how respected you are by your workmates? If so you will likely find there is never enough money and you never feel good enough.... Or do you define your worth by the difference you make daily with your work and words? These established patterns can be changed!

"One of the most important reasons to create abundance is so we can spread it around. Its our ability to do good in the world"

Doing good can make you rich- If you redefine your self worth and work towards the good of others become generous with your time, money and heart monetary wealth will flow into your life!

" Money is a stand-in for what we value", the more we value ourselves, the more we naturally radiate goodness, the more we increase the value we put on the world and others, the more we become more present and clear. "The more we value ourselves the more we attract value in our lives" Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

I often think if i was lying on my death bed what would i be satisfied with my life? What would be important? The bank balance or the investment properties or the people hopefully standing around my bed? Did i have quality relationships with them? How did my words and actions make them feel? Will i be happy with the difference i have made in the world, what will i leave behind? Have I acted with kindness, compassion, gratitude and generosity? At the end of the day the material things mean nothing! I propose we dont wait until the end of the day and assess our values now... lets make a difference today!

Gratefully yours,


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