Naturopathic Philosophy


A holistic approach is always at the core of my treatments. Using both modern and ancient Herbal Medicine, bio available nutritional supplements and nutritional adjustments.  My aim is to not only treat the symptoms but begin to address the underlying cause..


A Naturpoathic consultation will take between 1-1.5 hours.  A comprehensive medical history will be taken to ensure a safe and effective treatment approach.


Private Health Rebates Available

Skype consults are also Available


Some more info on my approach:-


                                                     Healthy living 101


In today’s society there is so much confusion as to what healthy living means and what on earth we are supposed to eat to gain and maintain wellbeing.  Here are some basic tips to help you along the path to wellbeing.

  • Eat what your ancestors ate.  What’s your first memory of your grandmothers cooking?  Know your ancestry, for example a pacific islander is going to have a different ideal diet to someone from Scotland..

  • Eat real food! Stop reading labels and start buying food… only stock wholefoods that are as close to their natural state in your fridge.

  • Choose organic produce - pesticides and fertilizers destroy endocrine systems, stomach lining, livers and the planet.  Organic food taste so much better.  Organic food is more nutrient rich which helps feed your body the minerals and vitamins it needs to help avoid sugar binges and maintain ideal weight.

  • MSG, vegetable oils and preservatives are unrecognisable to your body; they are converted and stored as fat and toxic deposits around your body.

  • Eat fat to loose fat!  Your body needs fat; lots of it… eat clean fat sources such as organic butter, ghee, coconut oils, sour cream, organic hard cheeses, avocados and raw activated nuts.  Cook only with saturated oils such as coconut oil and ghee.

  • Caution with grains - grains are quite different form 100 years ago and are largely indigestible.  Grains such as wheat, rye and spelt are high in carbohydrates and have an inflammatory damaging effect on the digestive tract especially if they are non organic.  If you prefer grain bread try sprouted bread(Pure life) which is easier to digest and dense in nutrition.

  • incorporate organic basmati rice into your daily diet.  It is low GI and easy to digest.  Your brain and your body requires a constant supply of Glucose so complex carbohydrates such as rice is recommended

  • Eat nutrient dense foods such as organic beef and liver.  Don’t waste your tummy space on anything less than satisfying.

  • Eat coconut oil and ghee. Your brain is 70-80% fat.  For a strong memory, weight loss and sugar craving control take a teaspoon to tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil as often as you want.  Recent trials are reversing Alzheimer’s with high dose coconut oil so don’t restrict when it comes to fat!  Include organic butter in your daily diet.

  • Limit fruits and fructose- fructose the sugar found in fruits, honey and high fructose corn syrup is a burden on your liver.  Fructose is unable to be converted to glucose and used as energy so it is often converted to fat and stored by your liver L one piece twice a week is ideal.  High fructose corn syrup is found in nearly all processed foods including savoury ones - it is poison!

  • Exercise daily.  A half hour brisk walk is ideal.  Two half hour walks every day if weight loss is a goal.  Stretch and relax well try yoga and meditation.

  • Avoid caffeine - in brief it is liver toxic and depletes all of your precious minerals.  Caffeine distracts the liver form doing its job, anything that distracts the liver will encourage weight gain. caffeine drains your adrenal glands impairs your stress response, depletes energy and effects mood in a negative way.  Try Dandelion as an alternative, a lovely bitter liver cleansing choice…

  • Start the day with a glass of fluoride & chlorine filtred water and a pinch of CELTIC sea salt.  Overnight your body is busy detoxifying and repairing, this is very dehydrating.  Your body is thirsty for electrolytes first thing in morning so fluids, fresh vegetable juices and bone broths are ideal until around 10 am if possible.

  • Breakfast should be high protein and fat for example - a green smoothie with half an avocado, quality protein powder, scoop of organic Greek yogurt, handful of greens, supergreens powder and some berries.  On a morning you have more time - poached eggs with organic sausages on paleo bread with avocado and spinach.  Drizzle with olive oil and garnish with goats cheese fetta- yummy...

  • At lunch time your digestion is strongest so have your largest meal then, eat as many vegetables and quality fats as you like with moderate protein.

  • Dinner a light meal of salad or vegetable soup is ideal, make it easy for your body to digest so it can get onto the healing and repair work while you sleep.

  • Go to bed the same time every night, before 10 pm is best, rise at the same time every day.  This helps balance your circadian rhythm, balance cortisol levels, deal with stress and modulate weight loss and blood sugars.

  • Turn off all electrical equipment and WIFI when not in use and definitely while you sleep.  These waves are very destructive and disturbing to your body’s endocrine system especially your thyroid functions. Reduction of exposure will help provide restful sleep and reduce chronic stress on the body!  Sleep in a pitch black room, no electronic clocks or TV with adequate ventilation.

  • Implement fermented foods, they are easy to digest, aids digestion and loaded with beneficial bacteria to populate your gut and strengthen your immune system, overall health and improve your mood. Build up to a handful of fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut ( from the refrigerator only in health food shop or make your own) with every meal, drink fermented goat’s milk or kefir, organic unsweetened yogurts, organic sour cream and miso soups. Find a fermenting workshop in your area to get you started its great fun and once you start you will never want to stop!

  • Eliminate or limit alcohol. I could right pages about how damaging alcohol is to your health but we all have some idea on that.  If you choose to partake try organic beers or red wine. The preservatives found in most products a half of the problem.  Fill up on a probiotic and fat rich meal to protect your liver and stomach lining if your plan on drinking.  Have one glass of filtered water to every standard drink.

  • Filter your water- invest in a fluoride and chlorine filter for your drinking water and shower if possible.  Fluoride depletes your thyroid gland and along with chlorine is highly toxic to your system.  Drinking chlorinated water disrupts fragile gut flora leaving you susceptible to infection and illness.











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