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Did you know there is a massive system of webs inside your body? This amazing system connects every part of your body to every other part. It is called fascia . The fascia is what one of the survival mechanisms activated during the flight or flight mode. The myofascia is there to protect you, give you structure and communication between parts, it also has memory. Yes although you may not remember the human body remembers everything, I see it time and time again. Totally fascinating isn't it?

Our western way of thinking has encouraged a detached way of living. Specifically we isolate one system from the other and never consider our chronic pain could be related to an injury sustained years ago in a completely different area. We struggle to connect our endless headaches to our knee injury or pelvic misalignment. No system within or without the human body works in isolation. I often describe it to my clients- imagine a towel on the table flat now scrunch up one corner of the towel and see the flow through effects all over the towel...

"The fascia forms the largest system in the body as it is the system that touches all other systems" - James L. Oschman PhD.

The myofascia release is a gentle and highly effective technique, treating the whole body often eliminating pain and dysfunction that has been present for many years. This is not a new technique and unfortunately not yet a common approach. I have worked incorporating this into my treatments for 15 years now and have been witness to nothing short of miraculous recoveries.

Release the fascia, release the pain and start living!


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