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fat: friend or foe

Cholesterol- still a dirty word?

Some facts about cholesterol:

  • its produced by a healthy liver daily

  • it is part of every cell in the body, gives structure and integrity

  • the more you eat the less you produce

  • cholesterol is the crude product required to produce steroid hormones- male and female sex hormones and adrenalin

  • needed to produce bile and absorb vitamin A, E and D

  • vitamin D is activated through your skin with sun exposure only in the presence of cholesterol

  • needed for healthy nerve, brain and memory functions

  • essential for fertility and sexual health

  • directly related to mineral absorption, emotions, energy production, metabolism, muscle and bone formation


Epand, R. M., & Chattopadhyay, A. (2016). Introduction to the Special Issue on "Properties and Functions of Cholesterol". Chemistry And Physics Of Lipids, 1991-2.

Serum cholesterol and cognitive functions Corley, J., Starr, J. M., & Deary, I. J. (2015).



When does cholesterol become a problem?

Put simply: Cholesterol is a healing agent within the body. Along with collagen it forms scar tissue to seal over the injury. In regards to cardiovascular disease, a disease of chronic excess inflammation, the problem begins when the inflammatory damaging environment continues after repair. The cholesterol and scar tissue builds up and up forming atherosclerosis, plaque. This left un addressesd causes blockages or clots which can result in strokes and heart attacks. The cholesterol is not the enemy it is in fact the healer.

Reducing inflammatory foods and lifestyle is essential in lowering the risk of CVD. Monitoring not only the cholesterol ratios but inflammatory markers in your blood tests is also recommended.

Some books to check out:

Lipitor-Theif of Memory, Statin drugs and the Misguided War on Cholesterol by Dr Duane Graveline MD

Put Your Heart in Your Mouth by Dr Natasha Campell-McBride MD


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