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image:Raja's Cup granules. Melinda Roe

I have learnt along my way that when we take something away from our life we need to replace it with something to succeed. Human nature, we like our treats and we don't like to go without! So here are two beautiful and healthy alternatives to your daily coffee, tea or energy drink:-

Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officinale)

Good old dandelion, a well know herb in western herbal medicine dandelion provides a much needed bitter taste, increased digestive health, mildly laxative and has a cooling effect on the body. Dandelion has a beneficial effect on the liver, assisting in removal of excess wastes and toxins from the body.

Dandelion tea can be enjoyed on its own or made into a beautiful dandi latte with by preparing the same way as you would a cappuccino. Try it with coconut milk or almond milk. There is increasing demand and availability of such alternatives so i encourage you to ask your favorite coffee shop if they would stock it.

Raja's Cup

A rich full flavored coffee substitute made up of carefully balanced Ayurvedic herbs designed to enhance digestion, provide that bitter taste and calm and balance the system. Raja's Cup "brews like coffee and tastes like coffee" Maharishi Ayurveda. Give it a try.



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