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stress storm

Do you ever feel like your in a stress storm? Do you feel like your about to break your anchors and become shipwrecked? Do you ever feel like getting in your car and driving the hell away, leaving everything and everyone behind? If you answered, oh my god YES to any of these firstly you need to know your not alone. Quiet a few of my close friends, clients and myself have recently felt consumed by stress. Secondly you are not insane you are a fragile human having a natural human response to chronic excessive stress. The human body has a built in survival mechanism that is designed to save your life from the oncoming grizzly bear or tiger that wants to eat you. Its called the FLIGHT OR FIGHT response. This response is controlled by your adrenal glands which release adrenaline and cortisol which enables you to have the strength of ten men and/or run like an Olympian to survive. This response is the exact reason mothers have been able to lift cars off their children for example. The fight or flight response is only naturally meant to be activated once or twice in ones life, the problem arises when we are in a constant mode of fight or flight and the adrenals become depleted, the result is an inability to deal with anything!!!! WHY are we in constant stress? Our schedules are too full, our priorities are out of balance, our food can be very stressful/ inflammatory, food intolerance, leaky gut and poor food combining, we drink coffee (stay tuned for that blog) and we are exposed to increasing amounts of electromagnetic radiation from our phones, wifi to name a few reasons. Please know that it doesn't have to be that way, you do not have to feel out of control. Find some balance, learn how to nourish your adrenal glands and body, rearrange the schedule until you find a happy medium. The human stress response requires specific nutritional support and balancing. I am pleased to say Naturopathy excels in such areas. You will find some starting points on my website: Healthy living 101.

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