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This image fills me with joy!

are we so different from animals? all these beautiful souls need is food, water, shelter and above all love. They dont care about the bank balance or there hairy underarms (opps) or how many likes they get on FB, all they care about is you, they seem to have an innate knowledge of the more you give the more you receive. Animals are filled with gratitude, loyalty and no judgement in every move they make. I often ask myself and others "what is your intention". Is it money, fame or respect or is it compassion, kindness and gratitude? Find something in every day that delights you, it maybe a sunrise or a child's laughter or a random act of kindness. Tell someone they are amazing, tell yourself your amazing because you are. Keep life simple, focus on the basics in life, be grateful for what you have and always be kind. In this you also will find JOY!

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