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If this image brings pure panic, fearing congestion to the point of not being able to see this blog is for you!

I wanted to discuss seasonal allergies in particular and the wide spread use of Anti -Histamines.

Histamine is a neurotransmitter which is essential in the body for stomach acid production, alertness and appetite modulation. Taking anti-histamine medication and artificially suppressing this neurotransmitter puts you at risk of side effects such as digestive problems including bloating , constipation and flatulence due to low stomach acid. A deficiency in histamine can also contribute to food allergies, chemical/medicinal sensitivities, anxiety and inability to get enough sleep.

Less common side effects include low libido, brain fog, binge eating/ drinking, depression and social phobias.

As you can see seasonal allergy medications are far from harmless. The source of such intolerable inflammatory responses need to be identified and resolved. Inappropriate inflammatory responses such as this can be a sign of more sinister conditions arising in the future. Naturopathy can offer alternatives that are potent and without side effects. For every action there is a reaction, make that reaction a positive and productive one.


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